Santafiora Lavarosa - Santafiora Stone
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Lavarosa represents the highest quality of Peperino.

From an aesthetic point view, this stone has an imposing impact of a historical material with impenetrable coulour which work well as furnishing, covering or paving.

Thanks to its impressive stone fields and advanced technlogies allowing extraction even from the deepest pits, Santafiora Pietre is able to meet the highest standards of quality and consistency.


Use and application

Stone extracted at 30 m depth has a higher structural compactness which allows it to be used in the most diverse and challenging constructions.

No – frost and anti – skid certified even for smooth surfaces, our stone is particularly suitable for internal and external paving, externally insulated and traditional walls, columns, fountains, works of art etc…

Lavarosa has been used in Pietre Santafiora most beautiful and important works both in Italy and throughout the world. It has also been employed in historic centres, squares, streets.





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